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UV printer

Product Parameter

Model InkFa-3325 InkFa-3020 InkFa-2513 InkFa-1612
Printing size(W*L) 3300*2500mM 3000*2000mm 2515*1500mm 1600*1200mm
Equipment weigh 2000kg 1500kg 1140kg 750kg
Print head RICOH G5 Print head
Print height 0mm-80mm
Print load bearing Max load bearing 100kg
Printing resolution 720*900DPI; 720*1200DPI; 720*1800DPI
Lifting function Intelligent carriage elevator,electronic automatic/Manual intelligent induction detection and adjustment height
Ink system Continuous ink supply/Volume Max.3500ml
Print head quantity 2/3/4/5/8 2/3/4/5
Print speed
8 print head 4 color:Max 75m2/h
High speed:26m2/h(4Pass both way )
Standard:18m2/h(6Pass both way )
High resolution:12m2/h(8Pass both way )
USB interface USB 3.0
Driver software Microsoft Windows 7x64
RIP software Color GATE RIP9/Photo Print
Working environment Temperature:20-32; humidity:40-70% RH
Equipment size 5530*3370*1350mm 4794*2835*1320mm 4230*2070*1325mm 3430*1970*1350mm

It can realize double high-speed 4 color and 8 color high quality printing,adopt 2 sets CMYK ink to make double four color high speed printing, it also can increase four light colors to the traditional four-color print to achieve eight color printing, print effect is vivid, using electronic display ink cartridge level detection system in uninterrupted production model, achieve mass production.

RICOH G5 Nozzle Technology 
Adopt RICOH G5 Nozzle print head, High strength all-steel frame with corrosion resistant, printing head with long service life, working stability and high quality printing effect. It can satisfy different industry customers requirement.
1.RICOH G5 Nozzle
2.Ink droplet 7pl-35pl can be adjusted 
3.Printing speed:12-75m2 /h
4.Corrosion resistant
5.Not easy to plug the nozzle.
6.Long service life

1.Color Gate RIP
German color management software CG
Top German Color Gate RI software. Excellent color management and ICC profile make ink cost reduced by 30%, color more gorgeous, color matching more accurate
Standard monochrome for ink control.Ink road protection secondary ink cartridge, anti-ink phenomenon.High efficiency, high precision printing.
The machine adopts the all-steel integrated structure, the steel frame supports the density stability, the structure is reasonable, strongly stability, it doesn’t deform within five years normally use.

Imported Germany Drag chain 
Suitable for high speed working, can greatly reduce the wear of wires, drag chain working more smoothly, and the noise reduce 30% than others drag chain     
Unique Y axis double screw rod servo motor
Using imported Japan high precision servo motor, innovative technology to guarantee the servo motor high speed working with ultra precision, durable and more stable performance 
High performance mute screw 
Grinding screw drive control device, greatly improve ink inking accuracy, reduction of banding stripes due to inking error.High speed imported mute screw, high resolution,low noise, wear-resisting, ensure accurate alignment.

Suction platform
Adopt brand steel structure suction platform,platform surface is high hardness,corrosion resistance, uniform and stable suction, protect print head,extend its service life.

InkFa-2513 RICOH UV Flatbed Printer

1. Imported Japan color/whiter ink adjusting negative pressure meter
2. Imported Japan high resolution dual-servo motor 
3. X-axis ultra-quiet dual-rail 
4. Drawer type push and pull moist air cabinet 

1. 8 ways independent ink supply system
2. 39 supporting point on platform
3. Ultra-quiet slider
4. 4.5cm space aluminum suction platform
5. Vibration reduction coupling
6. Anti-interference filter

Application Area
Ceramic tile, glass, aluminum plate, plastic board, board, polystyrene board, leather, polyurethane board, foaming board, metal plate, textile, wallpaper, mobile phone case, etc



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